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The Kissing Booth 2: A Conversation with Taylor Perez and Maisie Richardson-Sellers

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We caught up with the latest additions to The Kissing Booth cinematic universe for a quick chat about what it was like joining the cast of this fan favourite high school rom-com.

Taylor Perez is Marco in The Kissing Booth 2.

Umapagan Ampikaipakan: Taylor, this is your first big starring role, in a big movie, and I was wondering what was it like joining the cast at this point of, let’s call it, The Kissing Booth Cinematic Universe? 

Taylor Perez: It was fantastic. You know, going into such a strong IP from Netflix was a little intimidating for me because you have you have all these fans from the first film that were, you know, die hard. And so you’re bringing this these characters into the mix that are going to kind of stir the pot a little bit. 

UA: And you’re the other guy… 

TP: … I am. I am the other guy. And and I just hope that Marco comes across as respectful and supportive. And just adds value to the The Kissing Booth universe. I think that it is very exciting to add this new dynamic to this pre-existing world. 

Maisie Richardson-Sellers is Chloe in The Kissing Booth 2.

UA: Maisie, It feels like you have the best job in The Kissing Booth 2. Because you play this character that is the epitome of cool. I mean, she owns every room she walks into. And I was wondering, what is it like playing someone who has everything figured out and has everything completely under control? 

Maisie Richardson-Sellers: There is this amazing thing that happens when you really prepared. I’ve created this character from scratch and I have all her deepest, darkest fears in my mind. All her triumphs and struggles. I know her inside out. So then, when you put that outfit on, those heels on, you got the makeup on, and you step out, it just happens. This weird moment where it just happens. And that’s me. Like, this is it. I’m ready. And you just become this person. 

It’s like she sort of just blows through you and embodies you. And then, at the end the day, after it’s all over, I feel like I miss it. It was really fun. And I think since then, I’ve found ways to try and bring Chloe into my life. Everyday. Because she inspires me. I love that confidence and that sort of effortless ease that she has. I love the way she’ll bolster everyone around her but still be cheeky and playful. I learned a lot from her. And I hope other people will be inspired by what a strong, independent woman she is. 

Taylor Perez is Marco in The Kissing Booth 2.

UA: I had three quick fire questions for you. First up, what’s your favourite rom-com?

MR-S: Okay. Favorite rom-com. Apart from The Kissing Booth of course, because that is my favourite…

UA: Of course! 

MR-S: But at the moment, it’s The Half of It. I just saw it. I really, really love that movie.

TP: I’m not going to lie. I’m not a rom-com guy. But anything Matthew McConaughey was awesome. 

UA: First movie crush?

MR-S: Angelina Jolie. First and last and forever. 

TP: I’m going to switch it up, because my first movie crush was different from my first celebrity crush. I think my first movie crush was Roberta, from Now and Then. She played Wednesday Addams.

UA: Christina Ricci?

TP: Yes, Christina Ricci!

UA: Lastly, what role would you love to play in a classic film?

TP: Now, when you say classic… do you mean, like Gone with the Wind classic, or do you mean Die Hard classic? 

UA: It could be Die Hard. You can be John McClane if you want. 

MR-S: Because I just rewatched it. It would be so cool to play Trinity in The Matrix

TP: I would love to play Bernardo in West Side Story. Which I know will never happen because they just filmed it. But that was always a role I loved.

UA: Give it 10 years. They’ll remake it.

Joey King and Maisie Richardson-Sellers on the set of The Kissing Booth 2.

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The Kissing Booth 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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