The Brothers Sun

The Goggler Podcast #483: The Brothers Sun

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

Today, on The Goggler Podcast, Bahir and Uma watch and review The Brothers Sun, the brand new action-packed comedy and family drama starring Michelle Yeoh.

The Brothers Sun is now streaming on Netflix.

When the head of a powerful Taiwanese triad is shot by a mysterious assassin, his eldest son, legendary killer Charles “Chairleg” Sun heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother, Eileen, and his naive younger brother, Bruce — who’s been completely sheltered from the truth of his family until now. But as Taipei’s deadliest societies and a new rising faction go head-to-head for dominance — Charles, Bruce and their mother must heal the wounds caused by their separation and figure out what brotherhood and family truly mean before one of their countless enemies kills them all.

The Brothers Sun was created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu and stars Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, Sam Song Li, Johnny Kou, Highdee Kuan, Alice Hewkin, Joon Lee, Jenny Yang, Jon Xue Zhang, and Madison Hu.

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