The Goggler Podcast #337: Imaginur

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

Today, on The Goggler Podcast, Bahir and Uma watch and review Imaginur, the brand new movie from Malaysian director Nik Amir Mustapha.

Imaginur is now showing in Malaysian cinemas.

A man’s quotidian world is suddenly disrupted by strange events when he takes his aging father to the hospital for a check-up. A charitable woman hands him a calling card to the future; a hostile ex unleashes a public humiliation; a new love interest suddenly whisks him off his feet. Odd coincidences segue through dream logic, patching together scenes from his past while hinting at his fate. Enigmatic signs lead him to an eccentric hypnotherapist to address his fleeting grip on reality, but it may be too late. This incredibly imaginative film explores ideas of memory, identity and time as powerful yet dangerously fragile constructs, often beyond our simple ken. Ingeniously playing with time and space, Imaginur poses bold questions about existence with stunning cinematic bravado.

Imaginur was directed by Nik Amir Mustapha and stars Beto Kusyairy, Diana Danielle, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Mior Hashim Manap, Nadiya Nissa, Rahim Razali, Anas Ridzuan, and Afdlin Shauki.

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