The Goggler Podcast #323: Mummies

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

Today, on The Goggler Podcast, Bahir and Uma watch and review the brand new Warner Bros. animated feature, Mummies.

Mummies opens in Malaysian cinemas on Thursday, January 19.

In Egypt, in the bowels of the earth, there is a 3000-year-old city of mummies. By imperial mandate, Princess Nefer has to marry Thut, but neither wants to do so: Nefer craves freedom and Thut is allergic to commitment. But the gods’ wishes are inescapable, and Thut will have to marry Nefer in just seven days, bringing to the wedding the ancient ring that the Pharaoh has given him. Meanwhile, on the surface of the earth, Lord Silvester Carnaby carries out an archaeological expedition in which, for the first time, he finds something relevant: an Egyptian tomb where in addition to several trophies, he finds a wedding ring. It is his opportunity to go down in history, and make his dream come true, but he does not count on the fact that this ring already has an owner…

Mummies was directed by Juan Jesús García Galocha, and stars the voices of Joe Thomas, Eleanor Tomlinson, Santiago Winder, Celia Imrie, and Dan Starkey, Hugh Bonneville, and Sean Bean.

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