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The Goggler Podcast #197: Songs for Drella’s Ed Lachman

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Today, on The Goggler Podcast, Uma has the tremendous honor of speaking to Songs for Drella director, and two time Oscar nominated director, Ed Lachman. They talk about how and where Ed rediscovered this lost footage and about what he did and didn’t do with this restoration. They also take a short detour down memory lane to Ed’s time as DOP on Mira Nair’s Mississippi Masala.

Songs for Drella is available to stream exclusively on Mubi.

Twenty years after Lou Reed and John Cale broke up The Velvet Underground, they briefly reunited to record Songs for Drella as a tribute to their friend, mentor, and manager Andy Warhol. Captured as a sort of minimalist film which was available on VHS and LaserDisc for a time and then lost. Turns out, it was merely mislaid. Now, Songs for Drella has been restored and remastered and can be watched, for the first time, in all of its high definition glory.

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