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The Goggler Podcast #170: Roar

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

Today, on The Goggler Podcast, Bahir and Uma are joined by their intrepid intern, Karen, for a conversation about Apple TV Plus’ brand new anthology series, Roar. How well do these stories hold up? Do they do justice to the feminist themes they set out to explore? Should you stream it or skip it?

Roar offers an insightful, poignant, and sometimes hilarious portrait of what it means to be a woman today. Featuring a unique blend of magical realism, familiar domestic and professional scenarios, and futuristic worlds, these eight stories mirror the dilemmas of ordinary women in accessible yet surprising ways. How they emerge from their respective journeys speaks to the resiliency that exists within themselves, and with all women.

Based on the short story collection by Cecelia Ahern, Roar was created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch and stars Nicole Kidman, Cynthia Erivo, Merritt Wever, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Meera Syal, Fivel Stewart, Kara Hayward, and Issa Rae.

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Uma has been reviewing things for most of his life: movies, television shows, books, video games, his mum's cooking, Bahir's fashion sense. He is a firm believer that the answer to most questions can be found within the cinematic canon. In fact, most of what he knows about life he learned from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He still hasn't forgiven Christopher Nolan for the travesties that are Interstellar and The Dark Knight Rises.

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