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Hello everyone, it is I, your Feisty Indian Aunty who just watched the reality show Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. Aiyoo! Aiyoo! What is the world coming to? Who are these men and women who are putting themselves out there, thoroughly proud and comfortable in their reputations of being sex crazed, having different partners on a daily basis, and not being afraid of catching something? Seriously, there are all kinds of nasty diseases out there when you’re swapping fluids with that many people that frequently.

When I was in my twenties sex crazed women were called “nymphomaniacs” and promiscuous men were called “casanovas.” They were frowned upon by society, gossiped about, and were never able to find suitable spouses. So who then are these beautiful girls and hot hunky men who are unable to develop meaningful relationships, make a life with a suitable partner, and find some happiness?

Too Hot to Handle

The series left me speechless! The 10 episodes were staged in a beautiful resort. Paradise for sure. Ten young men and women come to this resort thinking they would have the time of their life, wearing as little as possible, leaving nothing to the imagination, picking a partner, or two, hook up, and have all the sex that is humanly possible. Little did they realise that there was a catch to this escapade.

The producers, you see, had lied to them. Since there was already a previous season of Too Hot to Handle, they had to tell these contestants that they were part of a show called Party in Paradise. These 10 horny idiots had no idea that a matronly digital assistant called “Lana” was going to take away all their sexy privileges. And so, on their first night there, they discover that they are in fact on Too Hot to Handle and therefore cannot kiss, pet heavily, or have sex. They have to attend workshops to learn how to become better people in order to develop deeper connections and more permanent relationships.

Too Hot to Handle

Of course there is a reward for not breaking the rules. Stay celibate and you could win $100,000! And this was the thing I found truly baffling. You would have thought that everyone would have been on their best behaviour, formed friendships with each other, and tried their best to conform. It’s $100,000! These people don’t appear to be rolling in money. Some of them don’t even look like they have real jobs. (One may have been a lawyer. And I think there was a pilot. But the rest of them only had their good looks to live off.) Surely they could all have used the money.

But nope. There was no such plan. This seemed to be the most difficult part for every single one of the participants. The boys and girls were clueless, thinking with their privates and not with their wallets like they should have been. Most of them would deliberately break the rules and say, “rules are made to be broken anyway.” Losing money every single time.

I don’t understand. Do young people dislike money? Do they not understand that all they had to do was hold out for two weeks and then they could have all the sex they wanted… on a GIANT PILE OF MONEY! Maybe I’m old, but sex is fleeting, a hundred grand lasts at least a little while longer. If those aren’t words to live by, I don’t know what is.

Too Hot to Handle

At the end, there was a winner, but there was also a learning curve for everyone. The participants realized that their innate characteristics, their family upbringing, and life experiences had affected the way the form relationships. By the end of the whole process, they were willing to accept the fact that they needed to become more trustworthy, worthier, and wholesome human beings. Which is all well and good. But surely they could have learned all of this and not blown so much money!

Both seasons of Too Hot to Handle are now streaming on Netflix.

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