The Goggler Podcast: Zero

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

We don’t really have a proper name for this thing. Or theme music. Or actual cover art. But we do have a bunch of microphones, a relatively quiet room, our voices, and a pathological (bordering on morbid) need to prattle on about the things we’ve seen across all the screens we possess.

So here you have it, the very first, not yet all singing, not quite all dancing, Goggler Podcast. We really truly hope you like it.

In this week’s episode, Uma, Iain, and Bahir talk about the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984 (and whether or not we should be “done” with the 1980s), Ghostbusters: Afterlife, No Time to Die, and In the Heights. They wonder why the Star Wars cast (including director J.J. Abrams) is being mean to Rian Johnson. And they review The Good Liar, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, and The Irishman.


Uma has been reviewing things for most of his life: movies, television shows, books, video games, his mum's cooking, Bahir's fashion sense. He is a firm believer that the answer to most questions can be found within the cinematic canon. In fact, most of what he knows about life he learned from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He still hasn't forgiven Christopher Nolan for the travesties that are Interstellar and The Dark Knight Rises.

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman.
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