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Goggler Guides: An American Tail

Dept. of Restricted Movementertainment


This one’s for all you parents out there. We thought it would be useful to create a series of worksheets for those of you looking to spend some quality time with your kids, watching great movies, and learning together.

Today’s worksheet features the Don Bluth/Steven Spielberg classic, An American Tail.

The Goggler Guides: Cover Page
The Goggler Guides: Introduction
The Goggler Guides: Discussion + Recommendations
The Goggler Guides: Activity Page 1
The Goggler Guides: Activity Page 2
The Goggler Guides: Activity Page 3

You can find our first worksheet on My Neighbor Totoro here.

Keep checking back as we will be releasing new worksheets every couple of days or so over this period of restricted movement.

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