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Ghosted is a brand new action rom-com in the vein of True Lies and Knight and Day, but with a gender bending twist. In this one, Chris Evans’ Cole is the damsel in distress while Ana de Armas’ Sadie is the international woman of mystery who kicks ass and takes names. After an awkward meet-cute, and one magical day together, salt-of-the-earth Cole falls head over heels for the enigmatic Sadie, but is left heartbroken when she doesn’t reply to his text messages. In a moment of lovelorn madness, Cole then decides flies to London in search of Sadie where he makes the shocking discovery that she is a super secret special agent. Hijinks ensue and it isn’t long before the both of them are swept away on a globetrotting adventure to save the world.

In this Goggler exclusive, we spoke to Ghosted stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas about balancing the tone of the movie and how they’ve broken out of the boxes that Hollywood puts them in.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


Umapagan Ampikaipakan: So you go from polite rom-com to a balls-to-the wall action movie over two hours. What was it like balancing that tone?

Chris Evans: I think that’s that’s the beauty of it. We had a few test screenings and one of the best responses was that they didn’t know going into it what they were going to get. So you really get the beauty of the movie where it’s a surprise. It’s a big reversal. You start the first 20 to 30 minutes as a straight romantic movie and then you take a hard right turn into this action film. And I think that’s what makes it so unique and refreshing. 

Ana de Armas: I loved it because the first act of the film, where you meet these characters, is what, in my opinion, grounds the film. Because you get to know these characters. They seem like they could have a future together. Everything is going great. And you’re rooting for them. You want them to continue to see where this goes. And because of that, the audience is so invested in that relationship, that when the action portion of the film starts, you just have these two characters that you want to see get together. You want that romance to happen. That was kind of great. I thought it was very cool and just fun to do.


UA: I’ve got something of a Hollywood question for you guys. You’re both at the top of your game. Ana, you’ve done things like Blonde and Knives Out, and you’ve also done the action stuff like No Time to Die, and this movie, and the upcoming Ballerina. Chris, I was watching the trailer with my wife her initial reaction was, “Oh, he’s Captain America. I don’t know if I can believe him as the schlub.” I was wondering if it was difficult for you guys to break out of those boxes that Hollywood puts you in? 

CE: That’s a good question. I mean, I’ve not felt that in terms of the roles that are available to me. Maybe it’s tricky for audiences to see me as something other than Captain America, but I guess that’s up to me to make sure I diversify the performances I give to make sure people see me as more than just one role. 

UA: And it works in this one. I mean, I totally believed that you were the lovelorn loser.

CE: So you bought it? You bought this? Because I tell you what, this is more who I am than Captain America. I guess the best actor accomplishment I’ve done is making you think that I’m more Cap than this guy. 

AdA: It is an industry that could get small and repetitive if you let it happen. Because of course, once you get a role that works, and the project is watched by a lot of people, they want to repeat the formula, because why not? It’s a business and they’re making money with it. Hence this is the third movie that we’re doing together. But it is up to us to also draw a line in how much we’re willing to do. Because then it’s our craft that suffers. And we end up limiting ourselves.

But at the same time, I’m not going to be doing action movies forever, because that’s just not going to happen. You know what I mean? So at the same time, you have play with the timing of things, how you are feeling personally, how much you’re getting from it, and for as long as you like what you’re doing, then that’s fine.

CE: That’s such a good answer.

AdA: But they’re always going to try.

UA: I mean, there are four John Wick movies and 31 Marvel movies… 

AdA: But Keanu is a superhero.

CE: Literally! You can’t measure anything by Keanu’s standards.

Ghosted premieres on Apple TV Plus on Friday, April 21.

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