The European Film Festival 2022 Is Here and These Are Our Top 5 Picks

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The European Film Festival 2022 is finally here and they have a great line up of films in store for us. This 23rd edition of the festival will have 17 films on show, ranging from documentaries, dramas, comedies, and even an animated feature film. How do you choose which one to watch? Well, here are our top five picks.

Sister’s Apart

Language: German
Genre: Drama

Daphne Charizani’s film tells the story of Rojda, a Kurd soldier in the German military who volunteers to train female Kurdish soldiers in Iraq to fight ISIS. Rojda however has an ulterior motive and a secret that must not be discovered.

Gods of Molenbeek

Language: French
Genre: Documentary

While Molenbeek may seem to be the jihadi capital of Europe to some, but to Aatos and Amine, it’s just home. The two boys spend their time discussing the big things in life, like Aatos’ search for a God to compete with Amine’s Allah, listening to spiders, and finding black holes. This is a documentary about the innocence of children and how we can all learn to look at things without the distracting colours of life.

Madly In Life

Language: French
Genre: Drama, Comedy

What do you do when life answers your prayers, but only just kind of. Alex and Noémie are ready for a child, however when Alex’s mother contracts a neurodegenerative disease and goes from Suzanne the mother to Suzanne the unmanageable child, the couple have to learn how to turn the lemon into lemonade. A beautiful artistic look at the way relationships can shift, change, and evolve.

Goodwill Dumping

Language: Dutch
Genre: Documentary

A stylised and surrealist look at the afterlife of all our clothes. As fast fashion becomes more and more synonymous with our lives, what happens to all that discarded waste? Is donating your used t-shirts and trousers really best for the environment and everyone involved? Is that really the solution? Or are we just moving the problem from over here, to over there?

Doctor on Call

Language: Italian
Genre: Comedy

What do you get when a doctor with terrible bedside manners and a food delivery rider get into an accident that puts both their jobs at risk? Well you get tele-medicine at it’s purest form! Pierfrancesco can’t drive, and Mario’s bicycle is broken so they combine forces to use the former’s medical training and the latter’s able body to make house calls and attend to medical emergencies. Hilarity ensues!

The European Film Festival 2022 will be held at three GSC locations in the Klang Valley from the November 3 to 13, and from November 10 to 16 in Penang. Head over to GSC’s website to learn more about the festival, the other films being screened, as well as specific screening dates for each film.

Bahir likes to review movies because he can watch them at special screenings and not have to interact with large groups of people who may not agree with his idea of what a movie going experience is. Bahir likes jazz, documentaries, Ken Burns, and summer blockbuster movies. He really hopes that the HBO MAX Green Lantern series will help the character be cool again. Also don’t get him started on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (#NotMyArthurCurry).

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