Dr. Jason Leong: Hashtag Blessed

Dept. of Marvellous Malaysians


FULL DISCLOSURE: Dr. Jason Leong is an acquaintance, some might even say friend, of many of us here at Goggler. We even recorded a Game of Thrones podcast with him, once upon a time. So, I must be his best friend here. Why else would I be assigned to review his first (?) Netflix comedy special, Hashtag Blessed?

After the obligatory comedy special intro, this one pretty funny and more importantly short, where Jason mocks his time as a doctor, he proceeds to hold forth on all the contradictions inherent in modern life in Asia, including those he frequently brushes up against in his own life.

Leong finds plenty of humour in the clashes between his logical, medically trained, and apparently always angry, mind and the illogical behaviour and traditions he sees all around him.

Topics range from his ire for traditional medical practitioners, braggy business travellers on Instagram, to his love for Indians, and the perils of foreign travel (remember that?) while looking Chinese (but being Malaysian).

FULLER DISCLOSURE: Netflix sent us a
“Jason Leong Swag Bag” including snacks and stickers, but it takes a lot more than that to buy a favourable review here at Goggler. A LOT more. Next time, maybe add some drinks?

As someone who’s lived in Malaysia for more than a decade, while somehow managing to avoiding Jason’s stand-up the whole time apart from the odd MC gig, he does a nice job of explaining a lot of the local customs he’s poking fun at for the international Netflix audience.  

Unlike some comedy specials, Dr. Jason Leong: Hashtag Blessed, manages to find the comedy in the specificity of the Malaysian experience without becoming parochial.

At times I might have found myself wanting him to move on to the next “bit,” but at a brisk 70 minutes the show never overstays it’s welcome.

FULLEST DISCLOSURE: As the third Malaysian comedian to get a Netflix special Hashtag Blessed is a fun look at life as Jason knows it. I can’t say that I was rolling in the aisles, but there’s plenty here to tickle the funny bone.

Congrats Jason!

Dr. Jason Leong: Hashtag Blessed is now streaming on Netflix.

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