Causeway: We Speak to Brian Tyree Henry About Grief

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Causeway is the new feature film from A24 that is now streaming on Apple TV Plus. It stars Jennifer Lawrence as Lynsey, a military engineer who has returned to the States from Afghanistan, and tells of her budding friendship with Brian Tyree Henry’s James Aucoin and her struggles to reintegrate into society after a debilitating accident. In this Goggler exclusive, we got the chance to speak Brian Tyree Henry about confronting grief as both an actor and a man.

In Causeway, Jennifer Lawrence plays Lynsey, a military engineer who has returned to the States from Afghanistan with a debilitating brain injury after an IED explosion. It’s a painful and slow recovery as she relearns to walk and retrains her memory, aided by a chatty but tender caretaker (Jayne Houdyshell). But when she returns home to New Orleans she has to face memories even more aching and formative than those she had in service — a reckoning with her childhood. When her truck breaks down she meets James Aucoin, who works at the auto repair shop and offers her a ride home. Slowly they start to rely on each other for company and solace. James, it turns out, is also suppressing his own past trauma. These two damaged souls’ budding friendship forms the center and the heart of Neugebauer’s debut feature — a quiet but devastating, and ultimately uplifting, story about coming to terms and moving forward.

Causeway was directed by Lila Neugebauer and stars Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry.

Causeway is now streaming on Apple TV Plus. Click here to listen out our full review on episode 298 of The Goggler Podcast.

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