Army of Thieves: We Speak to Director and Star Matthias Schweighöfer

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What happens when a wannabe safe cracker is given the opportunity to try his hand at cracking 3 legendary safes? All while trying to evade INTERPOL and the zombies in his mind? This is how Sebastian became Dieter. Army of Thieves is a prequel in name more so than in theme. It’s set in the same “universe” as Army of the Dead, so to speak, and takes place at around the same time that Zack Snyder’s zombies first invade Las Vegas. The movie is built around the mythology of Hans Wagner, and its relatively straightforward plot concerns three of the four one-of-a-kind safes that we first heard about in Army of the Dead.

We recently got the chance to sit down for a chat with Matthias Schweighöfer, the director and star of Army of Thieves during which he told us about what it was like to to direct this first spinoff of Zack Snyder’s zombieverse.

In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, small-town bank teller Dieter gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting to heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.

After charming audiences as the wisecracking hero Dieter in Zack Snyder’s zombie blockbuster Army of the Dead, Matthias Schweighöfer takes centerstage in the film’s prequel, which he also directs. Ditching the undead, Army of Thieves puts a modern spin on classic heist films with European flair and an unlikely love story. Produced by Snyder, and co-starring Nathalie Emmanuel (the Fast and the Furious franchise), Army of Thieves chronicles the harrowing adventures that transformed Dieter from a sheepish German bank teller named Sebastian into the badass safe-cracker who became a fan-favorite character in Army of the Dead.

Army of Thieves was directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan, Jonathan Cohen, and Noémie Nakai.

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