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After having climbed El Cap in Free Solo, been one of the first people on a Guyana Highland tepui in The Last Tepui, what is left for Alex Honnold to conquer? What about to face the unclimbed Ingmikortilaq, a 3,750 foot rock face in eastern Greenland? In this Goggler exclusive, we sat down with climber extraodinaire, Alex Honnold, to talk about his taking part in the Arctic Ascent expedition, his reasons for facing Ingmikorlitaq, and providing context to the beautiful but jarring imagery in the docu-series.

We also spoke to Alex Honnold about his previous expedition, The Last Tepui, here.

Arctic Ascent is now streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar in Malaysia and on Disney Plus and Nat Geo in the United States.

Alex Honnold (Free Solo) embarks on an epic quest of unclimbed walls in one of the most remote corners of Greenland, a country on the frontline of the climate crisis. Honnold has always dreamed of exploring Greenland and its unclimbed peaks. Now he and world-class climbers Hazel Findlay and Mikey Schaefer attempt to summit Ingmikortilaq, an unclimbed Arctic seacliff that rises out of the frozen wilderness and is nearly 1,000 feet higher than Free Solo’s El Capitan. For Honnold, a long-time climate activist, this expedition is about more than just climbing. It is an opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of climate change on a wilderness that is vitally important to the future of the planet. With the help of Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, a glaciologist working with the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, Greenlandic guide Adam Kjeldsen and renowned adventurer Aldo Kane, the team uses a special radar to take real-time depth and density measurements of a rarely studied section of Greenland’s ice cap. 

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold is a three-part scientific expedition led by one of the world’s greatest climbers in pursuit of a lifelong dream. The docu-series features Alex Honnold, Hazel Findlay, Mikey Schaefer, Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, Adam Kjeldsen, and Aldo Kane.

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold
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